2016 Spring Dandelion Harvest

It has been over a year since I started my apothecary journey. One of the first things I did was harvest a bunch of dandelions with my friend, Travis, behind my dormitory my first year of college.

Dandelions are so abundant and are constantly mowed because they are seen as a weed. I honestly love this little “weed.” They were my first wild harvest, used in my first infused oil, and then used to make my first salve. Since then, I have learned so many different ways you can use dandelions and I haven’t even touched the surface.


Last year we didn’t harvest much. We picked a bunch of dandelion flowers as well as some leaves. I dried the leaves underneath my bunk in the dorms and let the dandelions sit out for about a day.

My first little jar of dandelion infused oil

This year Travis, his girlfriend, and I went to pick dandelions as soon as they started popping up. Let’s just say, we got a lot more this year.

tori and dandelions

I meant to weigh all the dandelions before I started the infusion process but I totally forgot. I was supposed to go out with another friend, who I’ve been teaching apothecary to, but every time we went to go harvest the field was either mowed, flooded, or they’ve all gone to seeds!

dandelion basket

You can pick dandelion flowers from spring all the way into autumn. I prefer getting them in the spring and early summer when they are their “freshest.”

tori and dandelion 2

What do you like to do with dandelions?

Photos © Morgan Pencek, all rights reserved