What are Infused Oils?

You may be familiar with infused oils that you can find in grocery stores. Olive oil infused with herbs like dill, cumin, cinnamon, and rosemary are meant to give the olive oil flavors for cooking. In herbal medicine, infused oils are used for different reasons.

What You Need to Know About Infused Oils

Infused Oils in Herbal Medicine

Infused oils are used in making salves, lip balms, and massage oils.Continue reading →

Aromatherapy, What is it?

What is Aromatherapy?

The use of fragrances to affect or alter a person’s mood or behavior.1

Aromatherapy uses essential oils derived from plants as a form of healing and to improve health. It’s not restricted to just inhaling essential oils but also expands to the use of massage oils.

What is Aromatherapy-


Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years but essential oils have not been around as long.Continue reading →

Types of Herbal Medicine Preparations

We are all familiar with modern day Western medicine and the different forms they come in. From pills to syrups, to creams and vaccinations, medicine comes in all shapes and sizes. Herbal medicine also comes in many forms and today I’m going to discuss the most common forms of herbal medicine.

Types of Herbal Medicine Preparations

Infusions & Herbal Teas

Infusions and teas are almost the same things, but they aren’t. They are both prepared similarly and used just about the same, but they still have their differences.Continue reading →

Types of Herbal Medicine Practices

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine, also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine, refers to using a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes.1


Plants have been used for centuries to treat illnesses and health conditions and are one of the oldest forms of medicine. From the Chinese to the Egyptians to the Native Americans, herbal medicine has been used all over the world and is still used today.

Types of Herbal Practices

There are three main types of herbal medicine;  Traditional Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine.Continue reading →

Apothecary, What is it?

The word ‘apothecary’ is derived from apotheca, meaning a place where wine, spices and herbs were stored.1

What is Apothecary- (1)

In medieval Europe individuals who sold these wines, spices, and herbs would prepare medicines and sell them to physicians and those who were ill. They would even give medical advice.

Apothecaries originally started out in the grocery business and later created guilds. A guild is a group of people with similar interests and skills who would make and sell products together.  Sometimes they would join up with doctors but their main job was to supply remedies to the doctors.Continue reading →