WWOOFing in Wales Part II

My husband and I spent two weeks in the country side of Wales for free. If you haven’t already, check out WWOOFing in Wales Part I to learn about WWOOFing, how much it cost us to get to the UK and our first week on the farm.

wwoofing in wales 2

Day 8

We started the day off with putting down top soil and grass seed in one of the areas we had been clearing days before. Peter went into town to buy groceries. While he was gone we worked in the barn again cleaning it out with the power washer. It rained most of the day so being in the barn was nice other than the fact that we were spraying high pressured water at cow dung to get it off the walls. We ended up blowing the fuse again and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. We rinsed things down and went back to the caravan to watch the food network and call it a day.


There were a lot of snails especially when it rained. They’re considered a pest and we were supposed to step on them but I just couldn’t. They were too adorable so I would pick them up and relocate them. Sshhhh.Continue reading →

What Is A Keto Diet?

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A keto diet is not based on a moral obligation, such as veganism, or on an idea of what our ancestors ate but based on how our body burns sugar and fat for energy.

keto diet

Keto is short for Ketosis, a natural process that all our bodies are capable of. Our bodies like to burn glucose (simple sugars) for energy but the keto diet forces your body into a state of ketosis which makes your body burn fat for energy rather than glucose.

The Keto Diet

The goal of the keto diet is to get your body to burn fat and your fat storages rather than glucose. Foods like fruit, milk, bread, and pasta are broken down into simple sugars and this is what your body will use as energy. These are things you don’t want to eat if you’re wanting to burn fat.Continue reading →

Ferret Buckeye Bash 2017 – Columbus, OH

Do you love ferrets? The Ferret Buckeye Bash held in Columbus, Ohio is a great way to fulfill all your ferret needs as well as competeing your ferrets!

ferret buckeye bash

Ferret Buckeye Bash 2017

Where: Northland Performing Arts Center 4411 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43229
When: August 19, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Entrance Cost: Adult $5, Children $1, Family $12
Dog-Friendly: No
Family Friendly: Yes

The Ferret Buckeye Bash partnered up with the Heart of Ohio Ferret Association. All proceeds benefited HOFA and their ferrets.Continue reading →

History, Identification, & Uses of Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the most popular mint flavors today. It not only does it have a great flavor and scent but it also has medicinal uses.


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Peppermint is actually a naturally occurring hybrid of watermint and spearmint! It has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians but wasn’t cultivated in Europe until the 17th century.

The genus Mentha is named after the Greek nymph, Minthe. Minthe fell in love with Hades, the god of the underworld, and they started an affair. Hades’ wife, Persephone, found out about the affair and decided to take revenge against Minthe. There are a few endings to this story. Out of anger and jealousy, Persephone murdered Minthe and Hades brought her back in the form of a mint plant. Another ending says that Persephone tried stomping on Minthe with all her might and instead of killing her, she actually turned her into a mint plant. Either way, in the end, the nymph Minthe was turned into a mint plant.Continue reading →

WWOOFing in Wales Part I

In 2016 my husband and I spent a month in England. The first two weeks of our time there was practically free. How? Through WWOOFing.

WWOOFing in Wales

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms connects volunteers with farmers all over the world. You first pick your country, pay for a membership, and then you will receive a directory of farmers in that country to choose from. Once a farmer agrees to let you volunteer on their farm they also agree to provide you a place to stay and food to eat, at no cost to you. All you have to do is get yourself there.

We decided that we wanted to go to Wales after I graduated college so we got a membership to WWOOF UK and picked a few farms we were interested in volunteering at. Not too soon after contacting our first choice farm we were scheduled to help them for two weeks in the beginning of May.

It took us quite a few months to plan our trip and get all the logistics figured out. Next thing we knew I was graduating and then we were flying to London, England a few days later.Continue reading →

10 Items Every Herbalist Needs

As an herbalist, you’ll need more than just herbs and oils to make herbal remedies.

10 Items Every Herbalist Needs

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There’s a lot of equipment that is needed to make infused oils, salves, tinctures, and more. Some of these things are quite simple and even have more than one use. How many of these do you use?

1. Scales


It’s very important to have a scale when making and administering herbal remedies. Most homemade recipes are done in small batches so smaller scales that measure down to the smallest ounce are the best to use.Continue reading →

Hippie Fest – Hocking Hills 2017

Last year I went to Hippie Fest and liked it so much I returned this year! Grab your tie-dyed shirt and your bell bottoms and let’s take a look at this year’s Hippie Fest.

hippie fest 2017

Hippie Fest – Hocking Hills 2017

Where: 28508 Murphy Rd, Logan, OH 43138
When: July 22 & 23, August 5 & 6 11am-6pm
Entrance Cost: $5 Preorder ($6.27 after online fees), $10 at the gate
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Family Friendly: Yes

Hippie Fest was in Charlotte, NC in April this year and will be in Michigan October 7th and Myrtle Beach, SC October 28th.Continue reading →

Does Green Tea Have Health Benefits?

Green tea is well known for aiding in weight loss but the question is, does it work and are there any other health benefits?

benefits of green tea


Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, an evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves. There are two main strains used for making green teas. Camellia sinensis sinensis, native to China, is used to make green, white, and sometimes black and oolong teas and prefers growing in mountainous regions. Camellia sinensis assamica, native to India, is used to make black and pu’erh tea and prefers to grow in humid and warm areas.

This history of green tea starts in 8th century China when they learned how to keep green tea leaves from oxidizing by steaming the leaves. Over the next couple of hundred of years, steaming, frying, drying and roasting the leaves led to different ways to prepare the Camellia sinensis leaves for teas that had a less bitter taste. Depending on how the leaves are prepared, and how much they are or are not allowed to oxidize, will produce different types of teas such as green, black or oolong tea.Continue reading →

Kentucky Bacon, Bourbon and Brew Festival 2017

Bacon and bourbon lovers unite! This is the festival for you if you like fair food stuffed with bacon and love to drink bourbon.

Kentucky Bacon, Bourbon and Brew Festival 2017

Kentucky Bacon, Bourbon and Brew Festival 2017

Where: Newport Kentucky Riverfront Newport, Kentucky 41071
When: July 14-16, Friday 5pm-11pm, Saturday 12pm-11pm, Sunday 12pm-9pm
Entrance Cost: FREE
Dog-Friendly: No
Family Friendly: Yes
Even though the sign said no animals we did see people there with their nonservice dogs.


There was parking available down along the river front. Some of it was meter parking which was free on the Sunday we went. There’s a lot of parking throughout Newport within walking distance of the festival. Most if it is pay to park.Continue reading →

How to Make Herbal Relaxation Tea

After a long day sitting down with a nice cup of tea can be relaxing. Drinking a tea that is designed to help you relax is even better.

How to make relaxation tea

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My husband loves to drink tea so I started making our own tea blends for us to enjoy. Every tea I make serves a purpose. Since he works in retail and I’m just all around a stressed out person, we both needed a tea that was enjoyable and relaxing. Stress can seriously affect the body and sometimes we just need a little help.Continue reading →