Light Mountain Natural Henna Hair Dye Review

Henna has been around for thousands of years and the use of henna to decorate the body originates from the Middle East and India. Today it is very popular around the world as a temporary tattoo but can even be used to dye the hair.

Not all henna is made the same. See how Light Mountain Natural worked for me.
Not all henna is made the same. See how Light Mountain Natural worked for me.

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Henna has always been interesting to me but it’s not surprising that plants can be used for dye. Plants were the first dye material but dying our hair with is isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. This was not only my first time using any sort of henna but also my first time dying my hair!

I’ve wanted to dye my hair for some time now but didn’t want to use the harsh chemicals that are involved in dying hair. It can also be pretty expensive to go to a salon to get your hair done. I also didn’t want to try at home permanent hair dye since I’ve never dyed it before. I kind of act like I don’t care too much about my hair and to a point, I don’t, but the health of my hair is more important to me than how it looks. What drew me to henna was the fact that it is made from plants and can actually help repair your hair.


This is my natural hair color. I have dirty blonde hair with some natural red and golden highlights. I decided to give Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner Auburn color a try. I wanted to bring out my red highlights and try out a color other than my natural blonde. I was hoping for somewhere between strawberry blonde and actual auburn.


So let me tell you if you’ve never used henna hair dye before it is…. an experience. First, you have to have to make your mix which is green and smells like a cow threw it up. It is very strong in the earthy/grassy/herby smell. You have to get it to a yogurt consistency and what materials you use matters! Light Mountain Natural’s instructions stated to use glass, ceramic, or plastic. No metal utensils because it can actually affect how the dye turns out. After mixing it you have to cover it and let it cure for about two hours.

After it is done curing it’s time to get messy. It is recommended to do a strand test to see how it reacts with your hair before you dye your whole head. I don’t actually use a hairbrush so I didn’t have a collection of hair to test and I was not going to just cut a chunk of hair out of my head. I wasn’t too worried about what color it came out to be but if you are, make sure you do a strand test.

I used coconut oil around my hairline to keep the dye from staining my skin. You must wear gloves while doing this. It will stain your skin and it will take awhile to go away. I have a small patch where I part my hair that is just an orange dot because it stained my skin. This kit does come with gloves but it’s very weird. They’re attached to this plastic film over the instructions and I would personally just get your own gloves.

I only used half of the mix to thoroughly coat my hair with the stinky hair dye. I did end up putting some on my undercut just to see how it would turn out but I get it cut every 2-4 weeks so I didn’t really care if it ended up bad.  The instructions say to let it sit on your head under a cap for up to 4 hours. The strand test is supposed to give you an idea as to how long you need to leave it in to give it the color you want. Since I didn’t do that I just decided to go halfway. You want to keep the mixture warm so I put on a shower cap and then wrapped a towel around my head. This actually did a great job of keeping it warm. I ended up leaving it in for two and a half hours because I was baking and forgot what time it was! When you go to rinse this out you also want to wear gloves and then condition your hair after you get most of it out.


This is what my hair looked like 24 hours after dying it. It definitely has an orange color to it now! It came out darker than I thought it would. I honestly didn’t realize how strong it was and now I’m curious how dark it would be if I left it in the full 4 hours.  I was really impressed by how well this particular brand worked and how amazing my hair felt afterward. I found Light Mountain Natural my local health food store for $7.00 a box and you can get it even cheaper per box online. They also have a bunch of other colors you can choose from!

1 Month Later

Light Mountain Natural says their dye last between 4-6 weeks and this varies due to hair type, how long you kept the dye in, and how often you wash it. Here is a side by side of my hair.


hair side by side COPYRIGHT
Left to Right: Natural color, 24 hours after dye, 1 month after dye


This dye definitely did change my hair color. It also changed by undercut a bit but it wasn’t too noticeable. My hair is also darker closer to my head so my undercut is a darker blond to almost brown. I think it looks fine alongside the orange. Over the past month it has lost some of its darkness but still is a wonderful orange color. Now I do have to say the color does change a bit depending on the lighting. These pictures were taken in my brightly lit bathroom at night. In natural sunlight, it is lighter in color and in darker lighting or indoor lighting, it appears darker. This of course happened with my natural color as well. I think my color has lasted so long because I don’t use too much product in my hair and I only wash my hair every other day to only three times a week.

Speaking of washing hair, it can take awhile to get all of the henna out especially near your scalp. Every time I showered for about a week my shampoo would turn green from the leftover henna. This also means that my hair smelled like a wet cow every time I washed my hair until I got it all out. Don’t worry, the smell when away as my hair dried.

If you decide to give this henna or any henna a try always make sure to read the instructions before getting started. Always keep in mind that it can stain your skin so use the right equipment. Also, something that should be noted is that it is recommended that you do not use chemical permanent hair dye after henna as bleach and dye can interact unpredictably and possibly damage your hair.