Graze Box Review

I am very much a grazer. I love to snack and would rather snack all day than eat just 3 meals a day. I was excited to give the graze box a try when my friend recommended it to me.

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All opinions here are my own. This is not a sponsored post. I received this sample box for free because my friend recommended it to me. If you use my code I might receive discounts or free products for recommending you.

Setting Up Ordering


First things first. Graze may not be suitable for those with allergies. I do have allergies and I was able to pick out some snacks that were safe for me to eat! If you have severe allergies I wouldn’t risk it.


Graze has over 100 snacks you can choose from. To start the process of making your box you have to go through and personalize it.

dietary needs

The first step to personalizing your box is to note your dietary restrictions. I chose “avoiding soy” and “vegan.”

my likes

There will also be an option to check off what you don’t like. I said I didn’t like nuts, bananas, or raisins. After you select your dietary information and dislikes the snack are then filtered out.


All of the snack options will still be shown but all the ones that do not meet your qualifications will appear with a red X on the picture. You also have options to trash, try, like, or love a snack. If you choose “trash” it removes it from your options and a red X will appear over it. It’s important to do this because whatever is left that you have not trashed will become an option for them to send you. If you choose “love” its guaranteed to be in your box.

My Order

After sorting through every snack they offer, it came down to 10 snacks that I could eat. What I really liked is that they have all of the ingredients listed so I could go through and double check that I could actually eat the snack. I would have had more options if I didn’t say I didn’t like nuts. However, I was trying to avoid peanuts. There were quite a few peanut options but most of the nut options were almonds and cashews. If you’re vegan, they have a nice selection of vegan-friendly snack and their system will filter out nonvegan snack, including those that contain honey.


The only snack that I chose “love” for was the natural vanilla seeds. This was the one snack I knew I really wanted to try.  The rest of the snacks I received were random from the list of approved snacks. The vanilla seeds were originally trashed because I put on the vegan filter but you can untrash items if they are okay for you to eat.

The Snacks

For the sample box, you received four random snacks from your list of approved snacks. You can choose the snack that you want if you really want to, but where’s the fun in that? I only specifically chose one of the four snacks that I was going to receive. When you get your snacks you do get a print out of the ingredients and nutritional values. These are also available on their website.

IMG_8373ECNatural Vanilla Seeds

This was the one snack I for sure wanted to try. I love sunflowers as well as vanilla. I was really excited to try these but unfortunately, these ended up being one of my least favorite snacks. They were just too sugary. There was 8g of sugar for the 1.1oz single serving. Honey and sugar were used on these and it just made it way too sweet for my personal preference. If I tossed these in with a granola it would have been very good but it’s not something I could sit down and snack on.



Louisiana Wild Rice & Beans

This was probably one of my favorite snacks in the box. I am a sucker for crunchy snacks. It was a little spicy, but not too spicy. It was pleasant and nowhere near eating anything like a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. The beans were the best part. They were the spicy part of the snack and were just so flavorful. I just wanted to keep eating more of these. These had less than a gram of sugar, 5g of protein, and 15g of carbs (3g of dietary fiber). This not only was my favorite snack but the healthiest of the bunch.



Sweet Rhubarb Jam

The sweet rhubarb jam consisted of dried apples, rhubarb, and cranberries. I had never had rhubarb before so I was a little hesitant to try. It was actually really good! This was my second favorite snack in the bunch and I ended up eating all the rhubarb first. This was by far the sugariest snack in the sample pack. 20g of sugar for the single serving, understandable for dried fruit. However, it had added sugars that contribute to the sugar count, though I don’t know how much.


IMG_8347ECSummer Berry Flapjack

The flapjack bar came as a single brick but actually was cut into three pieces. It’s a simple thing but I thought that it was really neat. These were okay, I wasn’t a huge fan. They were pretty sweet and high in carbs. My husband did enjoy them though. I’m more of a crunchy granola bar kind of girl. This snack had 17g of sugar but a lot of it was added. It was a rather moist and chewy snack.




Final Thoughts

I really liked the packaging and how it was mostly cardboard. That means it’s recyclable! There also wasn’t a ton of extra packaging. It was simple and to the point and I really liked that. All the information they included on the inside was also recyclable.

They have a large selection of snacks and if you don’t have any dietary restrictions it could be awhile before you get through all of the different snacks. I am impressed, though, that they do offer selections for dietary restrictions. It may not be great if you have allergies but all of the ingredients are listed so that you can make a safe decision. I only had a small selection once I went through everything but I really did enjoy trying these snacks.

What I did not like what that the snacks were marked as health and nutritionist approved. Most of the snacks are packed full of sugar. It’s ultimately up to you but high sugar is not good for you and if you’re like me, you can sit down and eat an entire bag of chips or popcorn in one sitting. I’m trying to avoid a lot of sugary food, especially while snacking. I don’t think this is a great choice for those wanting to lose weight or cut out sugar.

You do have the option to buy an individual snack from their market rather than getting a subscription box. I really like this addition especially since I’m so limited. Overall I enjoyed the graze box but I don’t think I will be getting a full subscription to them. This mainly because of my limited options and the high sugar content. I might consider buying some individual snacks from their market.

Interested in giving graze a try?

If you’d like to try a free graze sample box go here or use the code: F37LR2PMP

Graze School of Farming

Graze funds a school through donations to help teach rural communities in Uganda how to grow fruit and start an orchard. They help provide educations and tools so that they can learn more about nutrition and take care of their orchards. Every time my code is used I receive the option to donate a dollar or get a dollar off one of their products. Since I don’t have much of an interest in getting more of their products I will donate every dollar I receive from the referral code to the Graze School of Farming.


Have you tried graze? What are your thoughts?