Returning to Hippie Fest – Hocking Hills, Ohio

Last year I went to Hippie Fest and liked it so much I returned this year! Grab your tie-dyed shirt and your bell bottoms and let’s take a look at this year’s Hippie Fest.

I enjoyed Hippie Fest so much I keep returning. Learn what it's all about.
I enjoyed Hippie Fest so much I keep returning. Learn what it’s all about.


I personally attended this event in both 2016 and 2017. This article is based on my 2017 experience. Read about my first experience at Hippie Fest here.

Hippie Fest 2018: August 4-5 at 28508 Murphy Rd, Logan, OH 43138

Hippie Fest – Hocking Hills 2017

Where: 28508 Murphy Rd, Logan, OH 43138
When: July 22 & 23, August 5 & 6 11am-6pm
Entrance Cost: $5 Preorder ($6.27 after online fees), $10 at the gate
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Family Friendly: Yes

Hippie Fest was in Charlotte, NC in April this year and will be in Michigan October 7th and Myrtle Beach, SC October 28th.



Hippie Fest was held on a different property this year so parking was much easier. Last year the car almost didn’t make it up the hill! This year it was located on flatter property. When we got there we had to park and walk to the festival location. They had disability parking closer to the event where the rest of the public is not allowed to park. Parking was free and there were people there directing traffic. We had no problem parking but it was pretty muddy due to the rain. They had a golf cart shuttle available for $5 if you didn’t want to trek up to the event. The walk wasn’t too bad or too far. You did have to go up a hill but it was not like climbing a mountain!


Hippie Fest is mostly made of vendors and there was a lot there this year. I didn’t recognize many of them and was sad to see some of my favorite booths from last year were not there this year.


It was in the 70’s and lightly raining when my friend Lindsey and I went on Sunday, August 6th. I had preordered tickets this year back in May and not too soon after they were all sold out. Last year it was free and I’m not sure why you had to buy tickets this year.

The day before was apparently really hot and even though it was raining when we went it was still very well attended. Due to the rain, it was muddy at this location but I liked it a lot better than last year’s location. The vendors were spread out on the property and some were even up on a hill by a pond.

Just about anything you can think of that would be present at a hippie themed festival was there, minus drugs and alcohol. Jelwery, hemp products, knitted clothes, crystals, Henna body art, tarot card readers, art, clothing, dream catchers, natural soaps, essential oils, incense, everything. Sadly, there were no horses or alpacas this year.

One of my favorite booths was Of Wolves and Ravens. Handmade jewelry made from wood, crystals, bones, and insects. They were all very cool and their booth was really awesome as well. Check out their shop or their Instagram to see more of their work.


There weren’t any animals there but there was a mermaid! Mermaid Marella is a professional mermaid who was there selling mermaid gear and ocean themed items. You could take pictures with her and she even let us touch her tail. You can learn more about her on her website and you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


It’s always great to see groups out at festivals raising awareness and funds for a good cause. There was a booth there selling hand made bracelets, headbands, camera straps, and more through Threads of Hope. The products were made by women in the Philippines to help provide them with an income so that they could provide basic needs for their families and keep the women out of prostitution. They had different colors and patterns that were each hand made and designed by the women making them. Lindsey and I picked out bracelets for each other and it was a bit of a tough choice because of how many options there were. Bracelets were $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.


Hippie Fest wouldn’t be complete without some tie-dye! It was free to tie-dye but $15.00 for a white Hippie Fest shirt. We didn’t get shirts to tie-dye while we were there but maybe next year. Regardless of the rain people were still dying shirts.


Hippie Fest is not known for its food choices. Both last year and this year had limited options for food.


It would be really awesome to see some more organic and vegetarian/vegan friendly food stands. I know there are some in the area because there were quite a few at Pawpaw Fest last year. Maybe they don’t know or Hippie Fest has limited availability for food vendors. Either way, don’t come to hippie fest just for the food.

Lindsey had a Philly cheese steak sandwich and I had a pita taco thing. The food was okay. Definitely not the best festival food I’ve had but we were both starving when we got there. There was a stand doing frozen and cold drinks. Lindsey got a frozen vanilla chai latte which was amazing.


There were many musicians there compared to last year. They had the main stage under a big dome structure. The dome also had floor sitting space and some standing cocktail tables. There was another stage by one of the ponds and the tie-dye station. Musicians were playing pretty much the entire time we were there and they were pretty good.


Bathrooms: There were port-o-potties throughout the festival.

Activities: Other than the tie-dye that you had to buy a shirt for, there was a bubble station over by the barn stage that kids and adults could use. There was also a booth that had a bunch of hula hoops that you could play with.


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed Hippie Fest once again. Even with the rain, it was enjoyable. We did not spend as much time there as I did the year before mostly due to the rain. There were so many unique vendors and great musicians which really help define Hippie Fest. This is one of those festivals that I will probably continue to go to throughout the years. I was disappointed in the food selection and the fact the festival was not free this year. However, $5.00 was not too much to attend the festival.

Did you go to Hippie Fest this year? Interested in going later this year or next year? You can follow Hippie Fest on Facebook to stay up to date with their festival and if they are coming to a city near you.