My First Experience at Hippie Fest – Hocking Hills, Ohio

It’s amazing all of the little festivals that take place in Ohio. I came across this event on Facebook and called up my friend, Rachel, to see if she wanted to go.

My experience at Hippie Fest and why you should go too.
My experience at Hippie Fest and why you should go too.

I have personally attended this festival in both 2016 and 2017. This is my experience at Hippie Fest in 2016. You can read about my second experience here!

It was a beautiful autumn weekend to be down in Hocking Hill so the two of us got in her little car and headed down to hippie fest. While trying to get up the hill to the festival location we were worried that the car wouldn’t make it up the hill!


Hippe Fest is held in Rockbridge, Ohio in October from noon-5. That may not seem like a lot of time, but there is not too much and not too little to do for the 5 hours the event is held. Admission is free but it cost $5 for parking.

This was not a huge festival, had it been you wouldn’t have been able to do and see everything! They had a decent selection of food trucks. Had some basic fair food, cultural foods, grilled cheese truck, pizza truck, and a truck that served a lot of different types of meat. I had some grilled cheese with some awesome tomato soup.


Prices were about the same as you’d expect for fair/food truck food. I paid $7 for my meal. I was really impressed with the tomato soup.

Look at this groovy alpaca!

There were a lot of cool shops at the festival. I was actually surprised by all the different booths selling alpaca wool products. If you’ve never felt alpaca wool it is amazingly soft but the products made from the wool are very expensive. One of my favorite shops at the festival was Renaissance Farms. I thought their booth looked familiar and it turns out that had been at Pawpaw Fest a few weeks earlier. I’m happy I took the time to stop by their booth, this time, as they had not only alpaca wool products but some beautiful scarves. The scarves are eco-printed with leaves. She explained that they took silk and other cloth and will lay down leaves they have collected, and even some berries, and roll them up and put them through a steaming process. This leaves a beautiful print of the plants on the fabric. Natural dyes from the plants will add other colors and they are honestly so beautiful. I didn’t know what I would do with one if I bought one because I couldn’t bare to wear it. Maybe one day. You can get one here on their website but I encourage you to see it in person!


Besides alpaca wool products, they had plenty of places to get some hippie clothes. Many people were selling beautifully handcrafted jewelry including some Native American style jewelry. If you are a supporter of marijuana, there was a booth there giving ut information about the plant and getting it legalized as well as a booth selling hemp products. And for those of you not wanting to indulge yourself in marijuana remedies, there are booths that sell natural remedies too. I got a sage stick and some palo santo stick for burning. There are also some consultant booths that you see most places like Thirty-One, Tupperware, doTERRA, etc. If you have any four-legged friends there are plenty of pet merchandise and the festival is dog-friendly!


I think one of the best parts of this festival was the music. They had music all day as well as dancing. What was really cool was that they had a big teepee type structure that they used for aerial silk performances as well as aerial hoop dancing.

Besides the acrobatic performances, there was also a group of belly dancers who performed early on in the festival.


The two of us sat and watched this group of talented women for the duration of their performance. After their last song they actually invited people up to dance and if you did you got a peace sign necklace. Rachel asked if we should go up there and I said why not! So we got up there and danced with the belly dancers and others who joined us. We got the peace sign necklace which led us to an interesting interaction… After we danced we wandered around looking at the difference booths when an older couple stopped us. The man asked where we got the necklaces and I explained how we got them for participating in a dance. He stood there and complained about how they looked everywhere and no one was selling peace sign necklaces. I offered to give him my necklace (it was plastic and not something I really needed) which he gladly accepted. Rachel also offered to give his wife her necklace which she too accepted. I think we made those hippies’ day. After that, we continued looking at all the different booths and just a few booths down we found a lady who was selling peace sign necklaces…oh well!


If you are interested in more information about Hippie Fest or might be interested in attending next year, check out their Facebook page!

Have you been to Hippie Fest before? If so, share your experience below!